Bread and Herb Butter for each table


Kennebeck Fries – 7

sea salt, fresh herbs, fry sauce

Seasonal Soup – 10

sliced bread, herb butter

Northwest Mussels – 18

saffron broth, garlic mayonnaise, grilled bread  

Crisp Chicken Wings – 12

buffalo style, creamy blue cheese, raw vegetables 

Lamb Kofte Skewers – 14

smoked yogurt, preserved lemon, garlic-chili sauce

Mezze and Grilled Flatbread – 10

sweet potato skordalia, fava bean hummus, marinated olives, raw vegetables 

Raclette and French Ham – 12

house pickles, grain mustard, fresh bread

Fried Calamari – 14

garlic mayonnaise, salsa verde, lemon and chiles 


Wedge Salad – 12

blue cheese, crisp bacon, grape tomato, ranch dressing, fried shallot

Romaine Salad – 11

creamy garlic dressing, butter croutons, shaved parmesan, pickled shallot

Beef Carpaccio – 15

young salad greens, green goddess dressing, grape tomatoes, shaved parmesan 

Togarashi Seared Ahi – 18

miso-ginger dressing, avocado, grapefruit, shaved red onion, shaved carrot, young salad greens


Crisp Chicken Sandwich – 16

house pickles, garlic mayonnaise, fresh milk bun, kennebeck fries 

Citizen Burger – 16

raclette cheese, garlic mayonnaise, fresh milk bun, kennebeck fries 

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich – 18

crisp bacon, garlic mayonnaise, fresh milk bun, kennebeck fries 

Saffron-Honey Roasted Vegetables – 17

smoked farro, vanilla-squash soubise, pomegranate seeds

Pan Fried Salmon – 24

whipped yukon potatoes, sauteed pea shoots, sweet peas, morel mushrooms  

Beer Hall Chicken – 23

spätzle, gruyere cheese, baby carrots, radish sprout salad  

Smoked Double Pork Chop – 27

spätzle, gruyere cheese, chard broccolini, baby carrots, onion gravy

Seared Scallops – 25

cauliflower puree, sauteed pea shoots, pancetta, rhubarb relish 

Roasted Prime Rib – 29

whipped yukon potatoes, broccolini, baby carrots, creamy horseradish, beef jus 

Kid’s Menu

Beef Burger – 12

cheddar, kennebeck fries 

Grilled Chicken Breast – 12

whipped yukon potatoes, broccolini, baby carrots

Grilled Salmon Fillet – 12

whipped yukon potatoes, broccolini, baby carrots


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